About Us

Fondazione per l’Ambiente was created in the form of Promoting Committee in 1999 on the initiative of the Province of Turin. In April 2004 it was officially transformed in a private foundation and non-profit organization named after Teobaldo Fenoglio, the first Regional Deputy Mayor for ecological affairs.


Fondazione per l’Ambiente intends to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of policies and activities dealing with the integrated and participatory management of natural resources. Furthermore, it pays attention to the issue of sustainable development, including the processes of mitigation and adaptation to the effects of climate change at the local, regional and global level.


The mission of Fondazione per l’Ambiente is implemented by triangulating thematic areas, activities and communication.

Fondazione per l’Ambiente conducts field research and studies, organizes training and capacity building courses, co-creates programmes of natural resources management with public entities, NGOs, citizens, universities and the private sector.

The main thematic areas are Sustainability and Circular Economy, Governance of Natural Resources, Innovation and Digital Platforms, Regulation of local public services.


Fondazione per l’Ambiente draws inspiration from the SDGs set by the UN, the Green Deal of the European Union and the agreements deriving from the Framework Convention on Climate Change.